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When Research Goes Off the Rails: Why It Happens and What You Can Do About It

When research goes off the rails : why it happens and what you can do about it. Responsibility edited by David L. Streiner, Souraya Sidani. Physical description xiii, p. Online Available online. Full view. Green Library. W Unknown. More options.

So it’s 12222. What apps are still using Ruby on Rails?

Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Contributor Streiner, David L. Sidani, Souraya. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index. Contents S. Sidani, D. Part 1. Ethics Approval. Hwalek, V. Sherry, A. Meyer, A. Estable, L. MacLean, N. Rush, D.

Researchers: Google Flu Trends "went off the rails years ago"

Part 2. Accessing the Participants. MacLean, Getting the Wrong Gatekeeper. Dhami, K.

Improving the replicability of empirical research

Souza, Breaking into Court. Veldhuizen, J. Cairney, D.

Part 3. Recruitment and Retention. Koch, A. Tabor, Small Colleges and Small n's. Streiner, C. Barrette, All Aboard! Montoro-Rodriguez, G. Goncy, M. Roley, M.

Keller, J. Fleury, A. Part 4. Study Implementation. Cina, C. Filion, C. The default is. If you want your form builder class to be loaded after initialization so it's reloaded on each request in development , you can pass it as a String. See the Erubis documentation for more information. Remote forms get the authenticity from the meta tag, so embedding is unnecessary unless you support browsers without JavaScript. For example, consider a controller named Admin::ArticlesController which renders this template:.

This defaults to false. This defaults to true. It accepts a hash of options, which can include any of these options:. See the configuration section in the Action Mailer guide for more info. It can be convenient to set it to false for testing. These default to:. By default this is true in development.

By default this is mailers. Defaults to ActionMailer::DeliveryJob. Possible values are :random and :sorted.

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Defaults to :random. Defaults to 3. The default is false.

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  8. The default adapter is :async. By default this is "default". By default it is blank and not used. You can retrieve this logger by calling logger on either an Active Job class or an Active Job instance. Defaults to []. You can find more detailed configuration options in the Action Cable Overview. The former can extract width and height of an image blob; the latter can extract width, height, duration, angle, and aspect ratio of a video blob. The former can generate a thumbnail from the first page of a PDF blob; the latter from the relevant frame of a video blob.

    Can include any of these options:. When this option is nil , analysis jobs are sent to the default Active Job queue see config.


    Just about every Rails application will interact with a database. This same information can be stored in a URL and provided via an environment variable like this:. Anything in the tags will be evaluated as Ruby code. You can use this to pull out data from an environment variable or to perform calculations to generate the needed connection information. You don't have to update the database configurations manually. If you look at the options of the application generator, you will see that one of the options is named --database.

    This option allows you to choose an adapter from a list of the most used relational databases. You can even run the generator repeatedly: cd.. Detailed examples of the common database connections are below. To better understand this we must see some examples. If non-duplicate information is provided you will get all unique values, environment variable still takes precedence in cases of any conflicts.

    This is especially useful in production since you should not commit secrets like your database password into your source control such as Git. Rails comes with built-in support for SQLite3 , which is a lightweight serverless database application. While a busy production environment may overload SQLite, it works well for development and testing. Rails defaults to using an SQLite database when creating a new project, but you can always change it later.

    Rails uses an SQLite3 database for data storage by default because it is a zero configuration database that just works. If you are using a database in a production environment Rails most likely has an adapter for it. Here's the development section:. If your development database has a root user with an empty password, this configuration should work for you.

    Otherwise, change the username and password in the development section as appropriate.

    If your MySQL version is 5. Advisory Locks are enabled by default on MySQL and are used to make database migrations concurrent safe.