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Topics: Continental Philosophy. Phenomenological Approaches to Physics. Nidesh Lawtoo. Wojciech Kaftanski KU Leuven. CFP: Acta Structuralica. International Journal for Structuralist Research. Instituto de Filosofia, Universidad Diego Portales. University of Exeter. Conference: Husserl and Cassirer.

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Perspectives on the Philosophy of Culture. Conference: Religious Experience and Description. Workshop: Imagination in Kierkegaard and Beyond. Institute of Philosophy, KU Leuven. Conference: Authority, Depoliticization, Dehumanization. Conference: 25th Philosophy Born of Struggle Conference.

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Grand Valley State University. Conference: International Association for Environmental Philosophy International Association for Environmental Philosophy. Conference: Eclecticism and Eclectic Philosophy in the 17th and 18th Centuries. Conference: Critical Theory in a Time of Crisis.

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CFP Convocatoria: Disputatio. Philosophical Research Bulletin. Gettysburg College. Topics: Continental Philosophy , European Philosophy. Conference: Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy.

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CFP: Phenomenology and its Worlds. Philosophy Department, Vanderbilt University. CFP: Kantian Journal.

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Conference: A Phenomenology of Virtuality? Department of Philosophy, Tallinn University. By Michael Watts. Use the dropdown to select a format. Request Course Adoption. All fields required. Email Print Add to Wishlist. Free from jargon and the standard idioms of academic philosophical writing, Watts uses several illustrations and concrete examples to introduce key Heideggrian concepts such as throwness, the clearing, authenticity, falling, moods, nullity, temporality, Ereignis, enframing, dwelling, and Gelassenheit.

He avoids over-involvement with the secondary literature and with wider philosophical debates, which gives the writing an immediate, accessible voice. Ranging widely across Heidegger's writings, the book displays an impressively thorough knowledge of his corpus, navigating the difficult relationship between the earlier and later texts and giving the reader a strong sense of the fundamental motives and overall continuity of Heidegger's thought. He presents Heidegger's thoughts in plain, uncluttered prose and steers the reader through the complexities of Heidegger's terminology.

A reliable and congenial guide for one's first approach to Heidegger. Michael Watts is a professional psychologist and independent writer. He has published widely on existentialist philosophy, including Kierkegaard. The Philosophy of Sartre.

By Anthony Hatzimoysis. The Philosophy of Heidegger.

The Philosophy of Husserl. By Burt C. The Philosophy of Agamben.

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By Catherine Mills. The Philosophy of Hegel. By Allen C. The Philosophy of Derrida.

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By Mark Dooley and Liam Kavanagh. The Philosophy of Foucault. By Todd May. The Philosophy of Kierkegaard.