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Karanovo Series. Keos Series. Kerameikos Series. I have however experience on the study of a number of artefacts, including glass, marble decoratioons. The principal aim of the book was to examine the complex sequence of transition in the selected provinces of Zeugitana, Byzacena and Tripolitana of late Roman North Africa. The general analysis based on historical sources, epigraphy and archaeological evidence focuses on transitions in town and country and economy from Roman to Vandal and to Byzantine rule and observing patterns and facets of continuity and change.

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It is also a period of archaeological and material transition: towns and economic system change, public structures but not churches decay. I have analysed how classical towns changed through centuries, how building were reused and progressively transformed. I am currently working on the publication of the excavation of the Fortified citadel of Dibsi Faraj Syria. The very rich and important site was excavated in the '70s under the direction of Richard Harper.

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The archive of the excavation and numerous finds are now at Durham University. The site was occupiedfrom the 1st- 3rd century into probably the 10th c. Paganism and Christianity My last book published in by Oxford University Press, The End of the Pagan City, focuses primarily on the end of the pagan religious tradition and the dismantling of its material form in North Africa modern Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya from the 4th to the 6th centuries AD.

It considers how urban communities changed, why some traditions were lost and some others continued, and whether these carried the same value and meaning upon doing so. Addressing two main issues, mainly from an archaeological perspective, the volume explores the change in religious habits and practices, and the consequent recycling and reuse of pagan monuments and materials, and investigates to what extent these physical processes were driven by religious motivations and contrasts, or were merely stimulated by economic issues.

Landscape My interests in landscape archaeology started from my PhD, where I looked at the transformation of the countryside from Late Antiquity to the Arab conquest. I am currently focussing on the clergy and the progressive acquisition of estates and properties by the Clergy and the rise of the Church as an economic and secular power. I am also particularly interested in looking at the transformations occurred in rural villas in Late Antiquity and early medieval period.

The work has started since in co-operation with the Department of Antiquities of Libya.

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The project is also finalized to train local archaeologists on the field and on recording, managing and protecting the Cultural Heritage after the conflict. Results of the project will be part of the new plans of the Department of Antiquities to create a complete archive of the archaeological remains on the territory.

The project will combine interpretation of satellite images, landscape extensive survey and GIS recording, as well as geophysical investigation of the Salama fort area and stratigraphic analysis and recording of the standing structures the Medieval Salama fort and the nearby mosque, cisterns and Roman farms.

In the longer term the project will also include extensive excavation. Bockmann and the University of Msurata Dr H. The work has now expanded to the whole of Libya, to include also Cyrenaica.