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Robots Advance Telemedicine for Pediatric Patients

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  • Why Children’s Health Acted Fast to Integrate Telemedicine in Texas!
  • Use of telemedicine for children with special health care needs.;
  • Telemedicine for Children's Health.

Find a Pediatrician. Text Size. Telehealth Services for Children. Page Content. What is Telehealth? Frequently Asked Questions About Telehealth Services for Children: While telehealth is a great tool to help children get the care they need, parents should understand what makes for a good telehealth service.

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What makes a good telehealth service for children? How can I make sure I'm using telehealth wisely for my child? What do I need to know about my child's telehealth provider? Have More Questions?

Telemedicine benefits

McSwain: S. The information contained on this Web site should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician.

Telehealth Services for Children -

There may be variations in treatment that your pediatrician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances. Follow Us. Back to Top. Medical Home. No parent imagines having to leave the hospital without their newborn. Read the full post on our Blog. Kids and Tonsils Tonsils are removed much less frequently than in the past, but removal may be necessary under specific circumstances. Kids and Living with Food Allergies A food allergy usually occurs in the first two years of life, says Dr.

Ellis explains. What Parents Need to Know About Cleft Palate Repair Cleft lip and cleft palate are craniofacial anomalies of the mouth and lip that occur early in utero when the sides of the lip and the roof of the mouth do not fuse together as they should. Health Menu. Meet Dr. One in 10 children in the United States — 7 million children — reside in the state of Texas. Children's Health, a pediatric health system in Dallas, has a large, diverse patient population spanning both urban and rural communities. Almost 75 percent of our patients are on Medicaid and deal with health access and socioeconomic issues that prevent them from getting the care they need.

Their needs range from asthma management over , children in Texas have asthma to obesity programs 15 percent of kids in Texas are obese and mental health counseling. The large footprint we serve and the number of at-risk pediatric patients in our umbrella of care is what originally demanded our attention on telehealth.

At a growing number of schools, sick kids can take a virtual trip to the doctor

Telehealth was clearly something our pediatric population could benefit from; however, when Children's Health began to seek virtual care as an option, the Texas State Medical Board still required that patient-physician relationships be established with an in-person visit before telemedicine could be used. We could have thrown our hands up and said, "Oh well, we tried.

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Our team went to Texas Medical Board meetings in Austin and demoed our telemedicine platform. We knew changing legislation wasn't going to be quick, so in the meantime we found ways to legally practice telemedicine, including placing telehealth kiosks on our Dallas and Plano campuses to allow employees — and eventually their dependents — to use telehealth. This type of telehealth was permissible because these kiosks were placed at an approved medical site.

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  • Why Children's Health Acted Fast to Integrate Telemedicine in Texas - American Well;
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Laying the telehealth groundwork early when legislation was less than favorable really allowed us to hit the ground running when the Texas Medical Board finally adopted new telehealth legislation in November Since then, we have expanded our telehealth kiosk strategy, placing a kiosk in a Dougherty's retail pharmacy and the Legends Community Center to deliver access to a community with a high need for convenient, affordable care. In addition to these urgent care use cases, we are especially proud of the following two other telehealth initiatives we've developed over the years:.