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Science-based health innovation in Rwanda: unlocking the potential of a late bloomer

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Sub Saharan Africa's Development Challenges A Case Study of Rwanda's Post Genocide Experience

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  • Science-based health innovation in Rwanda: unlocking the potential of a late bloomer!

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Archived from the original on 30 April Retrieved 7 April KT Press 11 February London: PR Newswire. Lacey, Marc 26 August The New York Times. The chapter elaborates on how the economy of Rwanda has evolved since the colonial times up to now. Emphasis is given to the present day reforms and the results that are all too clear to be seen. The reforms have focused on supporting facilitation of creation of wealth and they are result oriented. They also envisage a stable, efficient, effective, impartial and transparent public service responsive to the views of the people.

Sub-Saharan Africa’s Development Challenges

Oscar keeps on hinting at how the Rwanda experience should be duplicated elsewhere in post conflict situations. He is confident that Rwanda is on the right path and that hers is an example that can be replicated elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is envisioned that in 8 years, Rwanda will become the focal point of ICT in Africa to be the silicon valley of Africa. Already all cabinet meetings are paperless. All the Ministers work from their laptops during the meetings. The book is easy to read and to follow. The beginning is somehow difficult because a reader tries to fall into the rhythm of the author.

After a few pages it becomes quite interesting. However, for a non-Rwandan, the use of abbreviations is irritating, as you have to continuously refer to the abbreviations page. In Rwanda, abbreviations are widely. The last chapter tries to find out what can be done to end the endemic corruption that is rife in Africa.

African countries are enacting anti corruption laws, establishing Ombudsman offices and there is also the African Peer Review Mechanism, which presents a unique opportunity for self-monitoring by African countries.