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Performance artist and paleontologist Crimson Ng grapples with ethical problems when the Four Worlds representatives take her archaeological art project all too seriously. Victoria Fraser MacKenzie, Satoshi Lono, and Stephen Thomas Gregory struggle to keep their family partnership from fragmenting under the strain of love, fear, and unacknowledged grief. Bantam Spectra, The rich cast of characters and their fascinating psychological interplay, the fast dramatic pace, the wit and brilliance of both scientific and social imagination, and the sheer beauty of the invention — wait till you meet the squidmoth!

Vonda N. The Starfarers Quartet. They steal the starship. ISBN: Transition The starship Starfarer plunges into the Tau Ceti system, its computer web crashed and its surface penetrated by a nuclear missile. Bantam Spectra, ; Bantam Spectra And the cosmic string is moving again.

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Le Guin. Try: Follow me on Twitter. CNN -- Not many authors would try to tell a tale that spans eleven thousand years. Then again, there aren't many authors like Poul Anderson. Headline News brief.

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Go To A story of epic scope and stunning imagination 'Starfarers' by Poul Anderson St. Meagher CNN -- Not many authors would try to tell a tale that spans eleven thousand years. The venerated science fiction veteran offers what may be his most ambitious novel to date in "Starfarers", a story of epic scope and stunning imagination. It allows him to visualize a journey of discovery that is both unimaginably vast and imponderably long.

The plot is actually quite straightforward.

A story of epic scope and stunning imagination

One day, astronomers detect what can only be the traces of alien spacecraft traveling at almost the speed of light. Detailed analysis unveils how to accomplish the near-light speed travel, and humans leap toward the stars.

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Thanks to the phenomenon of relativistic time dilation, time passes much more swiftly for that part of humanity that stays behind. That's particularly true for the mission of the starship Envoy. It is off to find the race of voyagers whose traces pointed humans toward the stars in the first place.

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For the crew of Envoy, the voyage will last several years. On Earth, however, ten thousand years will pass before the ship returns. The crew is a cross section of humanity: the South American captain, the Chinese engineer, the African doctor, the Israeli physicist, and so on. In all, 10 people will make the journey.

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Except for the odd verbal tic, it is often hard to tell them apart.