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Indeed, the more I live, the better I get at living and understanding the nature of reality the simpler and easier living gets. Challenges make us grow, evolve, learn. But suffering and stressing out about them, worrying, anxiety is not necessary. Life is simple. Please read Weston Price, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration — he surveys groups transitioning from traditional extremely robust and healthy to modern culture extremely sick.

In traditional cultures, people die of an accident, in their sleep, or after a short illness.

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

After working in a hospital Emergency Department for a year and witnessing how we deal with end of life issues in this country, podcasts like this are important to start this type of conversation. We need to expand hospice alternatives and allow more people the dignity to die in this fashion rather than the current alternative of a slow, miserable demise in a general hospital.

Thanks for doing the interview, Tim. Thanks for interviewing BJ. LOVE the work you do. Quick read. I thought about the same thing, Matt. I read that book when I was 15 and I felt like a big piece of rock just sat on my chest. I still remember that feeling like today. Thank you Tim, from a loyal follower from Italy. Another great episode of one of my favorite podcasts. I think these types of messages are super important for entrepreneurs to hear. I run a growing crazy business and used to be miserable, and then started to change the way that I thought about things, and change the way I chose to see the world.

When you change the way you look at things, what you look at changes! Ice cream for breakfast!!! Awesome Podcast! Thank you both for the wisdom! This episode was very very enlightening Tim. Episodes like these remind me how that no matter what happens in our life we only have the power of perception and that therefore allows us to determine how we will handle present misfortune and turn those lessons into future gains.

Having worked as a makeup artist for years with high profile celebs etc — I started an initiative a couple of years ago that uses makeup and beauty treatments as a form of selfcare and we currently work along side 6 different charities- two being hospices here in the UK. Bless you both for the work you do and the ripple effect it has on the world …; P. Actor- Tim Roth recently made a small independent film called Chronic where he plays the part of a palliative care nurse.

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His research was so interesting. An emotive subject!

Not a small change for me, but I recently started training as a hospice volunteer 11th hour support. All the more so if I get to bake cookies. I have a long history of cancer in the family, and I actively research a lot about it. To me, the correlation between the ketogenic state and improvement in cancer treatment seems obvious, even if not fully documented yet.

The thing is: a ketogenic state inhibits hunger, while THC is recommended by many doctors exactly to improve appetite, so in a way they might work against each other. I want to know the opinion of investigators, as you and DAgostino like to say I own and preach the 4-hour body book, so I guess you know what I mean. Yes, yes, and hell yes! Inviting death over for tea and making peace with him leads to more abundant living. Loved the conversation. Missed hearing more references to what Dr.

Miller actually experiences with his work IN the unique relationships. While I dig hearing about what makes you guys tick, THIS was an opportunity to learn about sitting with someone when they pass. A sacred, once-in-a-Universe? What IS it? Any extraordinary experiences…how different people get ready for and DO it? I recently made some small changes in my morning routine and it has really made my day more positive and productive. Great great podcast. Always have been a fan of your work. I sleep with a few blank pages and pen next to my bed at night and write immediately as I wake up.

Radical Philosophy #153

Helps me start my day with a lot of self awareness and clarity. Hi Tim, As a pediatrician and palliative care physician, I am grateful that you posted this interview. We have such a long way to go toward caring for our loved ones in their most vulnerable moments, and there will never be enough palliative care personnel.

We strive to do anything and everything in order to relieve pain and suffering, and avoid interventions that will prolong the dying process. It is about saving the living while they live. Bloody legend, as said here in New Zealand! There is okness even in pain- sometimes!

Kia kaha. What a beautiful and positive podcast, BJ and Tim. Chock full of good vibes and goosebumps. Huge Thank you for your time BJ, and hoping for a round 2. Thanks Tim, Great great episode! In this case, being mindful of situations that bring on thoughts of anger and creating a new thought that takes away the response to be angry. You could get angry at said dog or instead you could reframe your thinking. In that situation I would think about the fact I left the bottle top lying around so it was more my misdoing and the dog responded in a predictable way seizing the opportunity to chew on something small.

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Mert Lawhill is a huge legend in the motorcycle racing word. I have met him and he is a great guy.


This episode is a treasure trove of deep wisdom. Many thanks to both BJ and Tim. Just goes to show that genuine spirituality does not require the language of spirituality. Maybe spiritual language even gets in the way. Hey Tim, just half-way through this deep and thoughtful interview… so much to think on I have to pause every 5 minutes!

I was blown away by this episode! Thanks again x. Thank you for a fantastic podcast and all the inspiration. Interview idea: Jane Goodall. Thank you for this interview. I lost both my parents to cancer — my mother 5 months ago and my father just the year before. My mother died in her home surrounded by family under the care of Hospice. My father died in a hospital. Although we had far less warning that my mom was terminal, it was a much gentler and more peaceful experience.

I am extremely grateful to Hospice for both the care they gave my mother and the grief counseling they provided. I appreciate you drawing attention to the topic. The podcast left me wishing for more. I feel like a lot was left unsaid and unexplored. What an amazing podcast with BJ Miller!! I have no words to describe the impact this interview left on me. Thank you Tim for the variety and very interesting people you have on your show. Thank YOU for all that you ARE and the amazing work you are doing to help people and families with their end of life experiences.

Surprising how much warmth and familiarity these two words communicate. Consider it…insurance for the day when things go bad.

Slavoj Zizek — Analytic VS Continental Philosophy

Even here in Pakistan online shopping is like this people order online and pay Cash on Delivery. Shout out to Ms. Thank you SO much Tim for helping me to massively improve my life after starting to really follow you over the last 6 months. I own all your books and have recommended them. I am a year-old female from Australia, living in LA. I have always had the mindset of wanting to know more, about everything. Though years ago this way of thinking limited the amount of people I felt connected too. I felt alone and different. When I started listening to your podcast it was one of the best things I did.