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With so many different standards on the market today, the debate is not about what is the best - be it Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, Devicenet or Industrial Ethernet but rather about selecting the most appropriate technologies and standards for a given application and then ensuring that best practice is followed in designing, installing and commissioning the data communications links to ensure they run fault-free.

The industrial data communications systems in your plant underpin your entire operation.

It is critical that you apply best practice in designing, installing and fixing any problems that may occur. This book distills all the tips and tricks with the benefit of many years of experience and gives the best proven practices to follow. The main steps in using today's communications technologies involve selecting the correct technology and standards for your plant based on your requirements; doing the design of the overall system; installing the cabling and then commissioning the system.

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Fiber Optic cabling is generally accepted as the best approach for physical communications but there are obviously areas where you will be forced to use copper wiring and, indeed, wireless communications. This book outlines the critical rules followed in installing the data communications physical transport media and then ensuring that the installation will be trouble-free for years to come.

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The important point to make is that with today's wide range of protocols available, you only need to know how to select, install and maintain them in the most cost-effective manner for your plant or factory - knowledge of the minute details of the protocols is not necessary. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review.

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Practical Industrial Data Networks Design Installation and Troubleshooting IDC Technology Paperback

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