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Blockchain in the Supply Chain

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Three key trends in the food retail supply chain | Supply Chain Management | Supply Chain Digital

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  • Three key trends in the food retail supply chain | Supply Chain Management | Supply Chain Digital.
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Supply chain participants are no longer limited to the first-tier supplier, the manufacturer, and the distributor. A participant can have multiple roles within the same supply chain.

Risks to food safety exist along each step of the farm-to-fork continuum. Many companies—from food and beverage manufacturers to restaurants and food retailers—find it difficult to document their end-to-end supply chains. Internal and external driving forces affect how companies manage their supply chains and can directly or indirectly shape food safety programs. Companies should consider addressing these challenges to allow them to proactively identify and respond to food safety and quality risks.

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Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory has developed a broad and integrated safe food supplier and service provider risk management framework, which aligns companies with their business objectives using an end-to-end approach. An effective supplier and service provider risk management program rests on foundational elements.

Company culture is essential to set the expectation that food safety is a priority across the enterprise, and it supports the governance and oversight structure. Policies and standards that are aligned to and support the culture and governance structure should define the supplier management program. The internal and external food safety challenges facing food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, and retailers will continue to evolve and expand as the complexity of the supply chain increases, regulations continue to evolve, and consumer demands increase. Companies need to understand what innovative and disruptive solutions, such as the Internet of Things and blockchain, are in the market to help identify and manage food safety supply chain risks.

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