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Alterations of the insulin response leading to diabetes in the general population have also been observed by other research teams, the most robust evidence for this being focused on the action of a chemical known as p,p'-DDE which was used as part of a pesticide. Other problems resulting from the action of endocrine-disrupting chemicals may include metabolic syndromes and obesity, as well as the promotion of breast, testicle and prostate cancer.

Although the evidence is currently more limited, endocrine-disrupting chemicals have also been investigated for their role in immune and autoimmune diseases and for their link to brain development problems. Today, cosmetics often include a wide range of compounds including fixatives, dyes, and preservatives such as parabens or formaldehyde, metal salts, UV filters, solvents, and fragrance ingredients.


Research into the effects of endocrine disruptors have mostly focused on household and agricultural products, but this is a problem that also has to do with cosmetics. In a new study published in the journal Cosmetics , researchers reviewed the evidence for some of these compounds acting as endocrine disruptors.

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs)

Among the examples they highlight, several UV filters which are suspected to have some endocrine activity impacting reproductive function, or associated with carcinogenic activity. Another example are the organic compounds known as alkylphenols, which are used as emulsifiers, wetting agents and antioxidants.

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They are believed to be associated with a decrease in fertility as well as decreased survival in animal models. In humans, they have been linked to a disruption of placental function during pregnancy. In order to fully understand the potential risks of exposure to these chemicals and to weigh this with the potential benefits of using them in certain products, robust quality research must go on.

Little research has so far been conducted to assess whether and by what route endocrine disruptors influence metabolic processes in the body, and the purpose of the initiative will be to develop methods to identify the chemicals that are to blame and to characterise the disruptions they cause. In most products, these chemicals are in relatively small quantity.

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But as data emerges to suggest that even a low dose exposure to some of these chemicals can have effects in human, there is a need for scientists to find out more about their effects, and for consumers to carefully assess the evidence and in some cases, turn to more natural alternatives when buying their cosmetic products.

You might be shocked to read what can go into creating your make-up brushes. But thankfully for you, we've listed the brands you can trust.

Sophie and Cait started out making cupcakes for a small market stall, now their cafe is more of a community centre. The line between skincare, self-care and spirituality is blurring. Facials embracing the power of crystals are the latest route to a glowing.

Endocrine disruptors

Tier 1 Screening Results are Released EPA releases screening results of endocrine disruptor screening for 52 pesticide chemicals. Endocrine Disruption EPA implements screening, testing and research programs to gather information the Agency uses to evaluate possible endocrine effects associated with the use of a chemical. Learn About Endocrine Disruption.

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