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Once you do that, make your way to the bed towards the back of the room that has steroids sitting on it. Stand on the bed, and "use" the wall. The bed will raise into the ceiling, taking you with it.

It will reveal a path you can take to get to a door. Open it, and a room will be revealed with a Jetpack and some Devastator ammo. The fifth secret is in the bathroom. Above the sink is a switch that looks like a hand dryer.

An Impossible Secret by J.B. Leigh

Flip it, and a compartment will open up above the toilet. Jump up there and head in to get the fifth secret, and a medkit. The sixth secret is the room where you get the red key. Next to the picture of President Washington, there is a computer. If you use the computer, it will open up a door on the other side of the room with a pig cop behind it. Take out the pig cop.

Once the pig cop is taken out, go into the room he was in. There is an RPG in there, as well as the sixth secret. The game prints the word "Unlocked" instead of "A Secret Place! This is also an easy way to get the fourth secret without needing to fight your way through the barracks at all, and getting both secrets together.

It's Impossible

The final secret is in the middle of the Get Smart reference The Sequence where all the doors open towards the end of the level. After the second door, you will see a vent up near the ceiling. Kick or shoot the gate, and head in the vent. There is another gate at the far end, kick it or shoot it and then head out. There's some enemies in here waiting for you; take them out.

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You will see a switch here. Flip the switch, and it will allow you access to the mine car. Go into the mine car to get the seventh and final secret for this level. While it isn't part of the secret as such, you can also go through the door that says "Under Construction", and make your way past an Assault Commander and a few other enemies to get a Devastator.

It's Impossible

Assault Commander is not present in Piece of Cake difficulty. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Secrets Edit 1. That won't be much of a surprise to fans though, as that particular cinematic trend is one that Cruise's franchise has never bowed down to. The movie, which also stars Simon Pegg as Benji, Ving Rhames as Luthor and Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa, has a different trick to let people know what to expect from the next instalment.

The films all begin with a montage that gives an outline of the plot, the villain Ethan is fighting, and even the twists and turns set to come.

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That means, of course, that it's quite possible to figure out what's going to happen hours in advance. It's not yet known if there will be a seventh Mission: Impossible movie, which is another reason Fallout doesn't need an end-of-credits scene - there might not be anything to even tease. Cruise is 56 now, and still insists on doing his own stunts, despite a few injuries along the way, so fans may be beginning to worry that Ethan Hunt's adventures could soon come to an end. However, Pegg recently said that the series has "no signs of slowing down", so we may get a seventh movie after all.

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