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I allowed WBUR in Boston to use our historic Johnny Cash concert photos on a one time basis for their website, after they did an interview with me about going to Folsom with John and June. This is a very threatening development I see for professional photographers in the World Wide Web age. Big Dilemna! I really appreciate you both taking the time to help everyone out with explaining these issues.

Thank you, John, for your prompt action! I took a nice picture of a friend, and he is now using that shot for his business cards and on his website he is a photographer.

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I was never so much as asked if he could use this photo, and feel that I am entitled to at least be credited and probably some sort of compensation for this. I would really like to try to resolve this amacably. What should I do? Diplomacy first, then decide if you bring out the big stick. Chances are you value your friendship more than using a big stick to correct the problem.

Thanks so much for the great information! I have had the same image I created show up in several places over the last few years. I have now decided to register it. I have had several architectural photos published online recently, where the website had permission to use the photos.

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However, in two instances, the website definitely edited my photos without asking permission, and then put my name next to them which is embarrassing, given the horrible editing. In one case, they used some high-contrast filter to make my photos look like their Instagram-y site, in another, they photoshopped out people poorly , then drastically altered the levels?

Is this legal?

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Should I respond and let them know I am not pleased, or let it go? Anyone else deal with this??? I found this article incredibly interesting and enlightening and I wish to thank you for posting this. Educational purposes is a subjective thing. I found your condescending attitude towards blogs using our photos as elitist and extremely out of touch with reality.

Damien Demolder - Amateur Photographer, 17 December 2011 (2011)

Q: Do I have the right to use the image that I took of a firetruck or police car without people for commercial use e. Thanks Ken, just starting to go public with my work after 20 yrs. I am thankful for people like you that share great info. I will be a loyal follower. Thank you for sharing all that great information with us about copyright law.

Met with the photographer to pick out our 15 pictures for our package and the cost of the package. Was supposed to meet photographer to pick up package over 3 weeks ago. Not answering text messages or phone calls. She is a great photographer, the pictures are beautiful. What can I do legally to push her to deliver on our transaction? I am paying her when I receive the photos, so the only money I am currently out is the sitting fee and the cost to have my daughter prepared for the photos. The issue is my daughter is getting very upset.


Is there anything that I can do? This is so unprofessional. Did you have a written agreement for the job that might have stated when the photos would be delivered? If not, you are just as much to blame as the photographer. Then you must follow up this threat and DO IT.

I owned a newspaper in Morgan Hill, CA for 16 years and used the Small Claims Court repeatedly and never lost a case because I had a short, simple contract that people signed before we went to work on the advertisement. No bride should have to endure that kind of pain to get photos of her special day! In contrast to the rest of the Justice System, which is just as much justice as you can afford, the Small Claims Court is the last bastion of fair American justice.

I am a photographer. I do not have an idoor studio…all my shoots take place in public venues. I read somewhere once where i did not need permission because i am the sole owner of all images. I do my photography out of my home and do not have a Tax ID.

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How exactly can it work BOTH ways? Most of what my googling has turned up has to do with fans using photos that OTHER PEOPLE had taken of celebrities, which seems like it would fall under the same copyright issues as using a photo someone else had taken of anyone or anything else, with the added issue of it being a photo of a person instead of a, say, landscape. But a photo of him in blue jeans in a t-shirt at a local Comic Con?

Or as a fan taking that photo for myself….

I travel to many countries and photograph people and places. I usually ask for permission to photograph a person. I have published books using these photographs. Is this a violation of law in any way. So useful for me. Thanks for publishing. Cosmetic dentistry manhattan. If a book is no longer being printed just a few copies floating around from the s — can I share the photos inside the book with friends on my facebook wall? My wall is not public only those who I want to see it, can see it. It was used to illustrate an article that has nothing to do with me, my work, my publications on anything related to collage in general, but something about couple psychology.


Fact is that they never contacted me for my authorisation or anything. Im matthieu, i live in Berlin, Germany Any informations are welcome Thank you! A lot of photographs have names or titles. I have an image that I took in In I took that image and did an edit on it. Later on I started a contract with a vender who wanted to make shirts with it. Just curious if the Title or name of an image holds anything as far as the copyright goes.

Regards, Dustin Maier. This was extremely helpful. Thank you for clearing that up for me! Planning on republishing a paragraph from your post on copyright law in a blog post. My son was photographed several months ago.