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Perhaps the most exciting new feature is the support for spatial data types. These introduce the capability to build geographically oriented applications with less application overhead to manipulate data.

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Spatial data is implemented with two different data types: Geometry and Geography. The Geometry data type stores planar-spatial data, using a flat coordinate system Euclidean. This is your distance and directional data.

The Geography data types stores data in the round-earth system. This is your latitude and longitude information.

Securing SQL Server Securing data continues to pose a growing challenge to developers and administrators alike. There are more and more government regulations around how data is accessed and stored. Additionally, customers and users are becoming more reliant on the security of systems that contain their personal data, even as hackers become more motivated than ever to get at that data. SQL Server introduces a few new features to help both application developers and administrators ensure that their data is secure.

TDE secures data by using either a locally stored symmetric key or an asymmetric key protected outside of the database server.

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What TDE does is actually encrypt the data at rest on disk or tape. Using AES and 3DES encryption algorithms, it introduces a new layer of security and compliance into any application without requiring any application-code changes. Because the change is implemented at the server level, once TDE has been enabled and secured, the entire database will become encrypted, but operations inside the database continue as normal.

Note that this won't protect data being transmitted from server to remote apps. It simply secures the data as it sits on the disk or on tape in a backup file.

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This means that if an organization uses a hardware-based security module HSM or even an external software-based security module, those modules can be registered with SQL Server so that it can use those keys to encrypt and decrypt data on the fly. When used in conjunction with TDE, it's possible to completely secure all data on SQL Server, as well as the incoming and outgoing data.

A number of major advances were made for app developers when SQL Server was released, and a whole new set was introduced when Visual Studio went live. NET Entity Framework.

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Creating the Physical Model. His background in information technology is diverse, ranging from operating systems and hardware to specialized applications and development.

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He has even done his fair share of work on networks. Eric has managed and designed databases of all shapes and sizes. He has delivered numerous SQL Server training classes and Webcasts as well as presentations at national technology conferences. Most recently, he presented at TechMentor on SQL Server replication, reporting services, and integration services. Each […]. Diplomat MFT v8. Cloud storage is often promoted as an FTP alternative, but can it be an effective, easy-to-implement replacement for existing FTP processes?

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Cloud storage can seem like a great alternative to an FTP server. It offers a tantalizing list of benefits. No software to install, configure and manage.

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